Meet The Wright House Team

Welcome to the Wright House! Grab some coffee and set down on the couch, browse a few products, add some favorites, maybe do a little shopping and just enjoy! We’re so glad you’re here!

Wright House Designs was the product of two people with the desire to make something amazing while having something special to pass down to their children.

Jerry has had dreams of owning his own car shop, as a child he grew up tinkering with toys, pulling them apart, learning how the mechanics worked, rebuilding them, and he loved to draw. He was a very hard worker helping out with the family farm and the family business, he grew up learning about having a strong work ethic.

Gillian has had dreams of owning her own coffee shop but as a child she would play teacher and shopping, and create her own family newspapers and art pieces with the brand "GCW Degsins" (Although as a child she had trouble spelling the word designs, hence the misspelling)

Jerry and Gillian reside on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in their fixer upper home with their two children and variety of pets. The are always busy with jobs and always coming up with new item ideas for the shop. In their "Free Time" they enjoy spending time with their kids and going to the movies!

While we have bigger hopes and goals for our family business in the future, our design business is the first stepping stone to greater things!

[ Shop members ]

  • Gillian

    Owner, Crafter, Designer, Marketing, Web Design, Customer Service Specialist, Coffee Drinker, and Mother of both Children and Cats.

    Originally from the East Coast of Maryland, Gillian placed her roots and started a family and business here on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi! Gillian has many titles: Mom, artist, laser, coffee, and she shed enthusiast, hardworking businesswoman, designer, photographer, and maker.

  • Jerry

    Owner, Assistant, Creator, Builder, Fabricator, Maker of Sandwiches, and Wearer of Many Hats.

    A Mississippi native, A father, a creator, an artist, a car enthusiasts, and a skateboarder. Jerry has been in the fabrication industry for 25 years. He specializes in building, clean craftsmanship, design, and mathematics. Jerry is the brawn of this duo!