Digital SVG Terms and Conditions

Since 2019, we have been making a variety of physical products and digital files from sign making and seasonal ornaments, to frame
signs and novelty gifts for family and friends.
For inquiries, questions or if there is anything else we can do to assist you, please don't hesitate to contact us! You can reach us via email, our website, our etsy store, and other social media
platforms listed below or on our website.
We appreciate your support, Thank you for shopping with us!

About The Files/How To Use Them:
Our files are meant to be used for laser cutting machines only. Our files have not been tested using vinyl cutting machines. Each file has been hand drawn, designed, vectored by us and tested using Glowforge lasers. Our digital files are predominantly meant for Glowforge Basic, Glowforge Plus, and Glowforge Pro lasers. Our files can be used with other laser software that runs using SVG or PDF files. If you are using a laser other than Glowforge, please be sure you understand your laser software, we are not responsible for user error. Our files have been known to work with programs such as Inkscape, Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, Lightburn, Silhouette, Corel using SVG or PDF file formats. If you need an additional file format please let us know and we will try our best to assist but we cannot guarantee success.
All files are ready to open and run right on your laser workspace unless you would like to add your own welded fonts. When you download the file it will come zipped, simply move the file to the destination folder on your computer and right click, and select unzip.
Inside the zip file you will find the SVG containing the design along with a cut outline of the design and the engrave (if applicable depending on the file purchased), and a PDF containing design mock ups for color ideas, placement assist, and file organization, applicable font names, and helpful project information as well as contact information and our socials.
Each SVG file is made to open directly on your workspace. For each of our files, open on your laser and follow the instructions as stated on each workspace. A PDF file with additional information and assistance is also provided. Some files may contain accents that can be scored or engraved, be sure to select your settings accordingly or use the recommended settings we provide in the PDF. For most of our designs, Red or black lines are for cut, pink lines for score and blue or teal for engrave. If you are unable to see the color code on the workspace, we recommend opening the file on your chosen software first. We use Inkscape and Affinity designer.
Included on the design space of our round files is a circle to use as a backer or to use as a helpful tool to assist in resizing your full design. Simply move the circle to your design, select the entire piece, and change the size to whatever size you desire while being sure to keep your aspect ratio locked. All signs come sized at 9.5 inch – 10.5 inch. Ornaments come presized 3.75, or 4-5 inches. All files can be resized to suit your needs. Most of our files are made as single line designs to ensure the design cuts perfectly and precise every time. Please move the design around the workspace with caution so the design maintains the exact cut lines. Most of our designs can be resized for very large workspaces but may be limited on smaller workspaces such as the Glowforge basic. We presize all of our files to be 3- 4 inches for ornaments or 9.5-10.5 inches for round signs for this purpose.

Each file is set up to fit on a 12x20 work space, you are welcome to move the files around just be sure to maintain aspect ratio to avoid accidental resizing which could result in pieces not fitting together properly.
To provide you with multiple sign design options, Some sign files MAY have one of two design options included:
• A 2D design that the accent pieces that are made to puzzle piece together flush with the background but with the option of adding an extra 3D image This method will make the design level and smooth. This design can have a difficulty level of beginner to expert level.
• A 3D design that the accent pieces do not interlock but are placed in layers on top of a solid backer. This method is great for depth and dimension and are genuinely the easier and faster assembly of the two. This design can have a difficulty level of beginner to intermediate level.
For all other files such as coasters, craft supplies, project accents and designed files, each file will have unique instructions included on the workspace.
For most projects we like to use masked 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch MDF draft board and birch wood. Be sure to revert back to you own laser for the proper cutting settings for your desired material.
Terms and Conditions:
Please be aware, you purchased and downloaded a digital download, No physical items will be delivered! Upon downloading, You will receive 1 zipped file containing an SVG formatted file for laser cutting and this PDF that includes directions, design mock-ups for file organization, color and placement assistance, and some will contain the name of the fonts used in the mock-up design. (No physical items will be sent, only the file you purchased will be available for download)
Fonts are not included with the rounds due to commercial licensing, the buyer must hold a commercial license for all fonts used in your work. We will never include TTF or OTF fonts in our files. We do not have the ability to grant the user those licenses.
Images that are included are for example purposes and may not be used other than that. You may not share, distribute, or post my images or manipulate them in any way for personal or commercial use or as advertising on any website or social media outlet.
By purchasing this design(s), you have read the items full description, you are agreeing to the licensing restrictions and Terms of Use provided herein and accepting of all terms and conditions

Wright House Designs / Wright House Design Co/ Wright House Digitals is NOT responsible for user error. Our digital art is made and tested using GLOWFORGE PRO. Files may be used for other laser brands and workspaces but it is not a guarantee that they will be formatted or work without edits using an outside design program. When you purchase our files you agree to take full responsibility for your materials and machines. Be sure when using these files, you use a software that is compatible with these files.

With these files YOU CAN:
- use these files for personal AND small business projects.
– use these files to make a physical product to resell.
- use our accents in other projects (provided you do not resell or claim the files as your own) - download files up to 5 times.

With these files, YOU CANNOT:
- resell, share, or distribute, any part, or all, of these digital files, doing so is strictly prohibited and illegal.
– sell as part of a clip art or digital set.
– trace or use any part of this file in other digital files for resell. - share the file, images, fonts, or licensing with anyone.
– upload, make changes or additions, and sell the design.
- buyers CANNOT use our listing photos or mock-up photos from your purchased file or our social media and website images that are the property of Wright House Designs / Wright House Design Co / Wright House Digitals zip file and its contents are meant for the single buyer only and licensing only covers one user per purchase.
When purchasing digital files from our etsy store, you understand that you are purchasing a digital file for laser cutting, as well as understanding that reselling any and all parts of our digital files as a digital file is strictly prohibited. By typing yes at checkout, you agree to the terms and conditions and understand that there will be no refunds, exchanges, or credits granted on any and all digital files. While we do not allow refunds on any and all purchases of our files, if you have any troubles please contact us with any questions and we can assist to our best abilities.
Please refer to our policies on our website for information regarding ordering, order changes, shipping profiles, cancellations, returns and exchanges.

Licensing Terms and Agreement:
Upon purchase and download of this digital file, provided all terms and conditions are followed by the original buyer, the client with the user name and address from which the file was purchased holds the official license to each file legally purchased and may create and sell the physical products made using our file. Only one license is granted per file per purchase and cannot be duplicated, shared, or split. Please see the terms and conditions for a breakdown of what is considered prohibited. No current restrictions on how many times a file is used or sold as a physical product.

Each purchased and downloaded zipped file contains a PDF with this information. The buyer will obtain a copy of our terms and conditions as well as the licensing terms and agreements upon purchase.