Our Story and What Sets Us Apart From The Rest

Wright House Design Co: Offering a variety of unique southern-style laser products and personalized items from home decor, she shed signs, bookshelf, and coffee bar decor, seasonal ornaments, novelty gifts and more! We create handcrafted works of art - handmade with heart!

*Our Story*
Since 2018, Wright House has been creating handcrafted wooden signs to give your home personality!
We are a family run business located on the MS Gulf Coast. Our family is a small family of 4 with multiple 4 legged fur children as well. As a family with 2 young children, holidays are very important to us. We enjoy the simple pleasures of changing out our decor from season to season and creating a whole vibe for our home and she shed, it is almost as fun to prep for the upcoming holiday or season as the holidays themselves! There is something special about prepping and decorating knowing we have many exciting and new memories to make whether it's spring cleaning, coloring easter eggs, lighting off fireworks, watching scary movies, sipping cider, baking cookies for Santa, or counting down to midnight, We love to pass down holiday traditions to our kids, the same traditions we had growing up. Now that we are parents, it is very important to us to make the holidays and seasons memorable for our children. This is why we make our signs. Each sign represents change and the excitement we felt as young kids when our parents would break out the old wood ladder and pull the old Halloween boxes from the attic or bring the Christmas decor up from the basement and see all the familiar decorations year after year with a few new ones mixed in. Our work represents that warm and special magic that ignites those special memories in our heart year after year.

*About Our Business*
We specialize in handcrafted wood fabrication, digital design, and c02 laser engraving custom-designed and personalized signs, coffee bar decor, and novelty items.

*What Sets Apart From Other Sign Shops*
The world is full of talented artists, each with their own style and flair that can offer amazing work and unique products that are one of a kind. We are another one of those shops, but what about our shop makes us stand apart from the other sign makers?

• When it comes to designs, We design all of our signs digitally or we support other designers and bring those designs to life with a beautiful mix of engraved woods and 3D accents.

• We make all of our signs by hand, made to order so they aren't sitting on a shelf collecting dust! Each of our signs is assembled with laser-cut stencils so each letter placement is perfect! We use high-quality adhesive so that each hand-placed letter and image exhibits clean, professional lines, without glue mess or paint overspray.

• Each sign is specially designed, prepped, and painted by hand. Our frames are all built from scratch and assembled specifically for each sign. Our beautiful signs are 100% made for you by this crafty couple. Between Jerry's router, and table saw skills in building our pine wood frames, Gillian's conceptual design and precise sign-making abilities, and eye for detail enable each and every sign to have special, focused attention. You can purchase with confidence knowing that our signs are made with attention to detail every step of the way. Each sign really is handmade with love from start to finish with that special holiday magic mixed in.

• We are fully licensed with a commercial property for our business. We are not making items from our dining room and shuffling between meals. There is nothing wrong with a home-owned business but we want to be sure your items are taken care of from start to finish and are never disturbed by our pets, children, or other in-home occurrences. We have worked hard remodeling a beautiful she-shed and a large warehouse which is where we work all hours of the day to make all of our pieces. We can guarantee that your home is the only home that displays these wonderful signs!

• We stand by our work but we also love our work. As makers and parents, we both enjoy all the holidays and seasons and decorate accordingly. Every single sign we make we also are proud to hang on our own walls. (Especially our Fall and Halloween designs!) Each of our signs can be used on a wall or on display on an entertainment stand or coffee bar.

• Last but not least: It's all in the details. From top-rated speedy customer service, and high-quality work, to our unique packaging, our focus is on making beautiful and unique pieces for your home to last for years to come!